Lee State Park – Nothing but Nature

When looking for our next state park and trying to find one that was not too far from our sticks and bricks home (since we are praying and trusting God that we will get an offer on it any day!) we found that everything was full.  This was a bit disheartening, especially since it was Easter weekend.  I did a search for any state park that had availability for the dates we wanted to accommodate our size rig and the result was only one park.  Lee State Park

I googled it and read, “Lee State Park is a gateway to the Lynches River, a designated state scenic river. The park encompasses 2,839 acres of diverse habitat that includes a vast hardwood floodplain forest, numerous artesian springs, a millpond and sandhills. Visitor amenities include a campground, nature trails, equestrian facilities and picnic area. Park and campground is open year-round.”

It all sounded good, but let’s just say that the part about equestrian facilities really piqued my interest. I LOVE horses! I used to have a bay thoroughbred ex-racehorse, Chloe,  and since she was a bit too much horse for me (she was 17 hands and I’m 5’1″ – if I stand up real tall) I sold her to someone she was better suited for and was then blessed with my favorite horse of all time, my golden palomino quarter horse, Goldie.  Horses to me are heaven on earth.  And since I know we will get to ride horses in heaven (read The Book – we do!) I know they are heavenly creatures.

I spoke with Greg and we promptly checked the T-Mobile coverage map for cell service and it passed that test as well.  Book it, Danno!  So I did, it was advertised as a 50 Amp, pull through, level site with water in the “equestrian loop.”  What more could we possibly want? (Well, sewer would be nice, but no biggie.). When booking though I was met with a disclaimer that read, “Campers without horses may reserve sites in this loop, however be aware of possible equestrian neighbors during your stay.”  YES!  Let’s do this!

We have been here now for four days, and although I love this entire campground – I’m sad to say I’ve yet to see a single horse… Yet.  I am still holding out hope.  Not only have we not seen any equestrian campers, we haven’t seen many other campers at all!  The sites are so large and the campers are so few and far between that this feels like boondocking…  with hookups!

Located in the big ole town of Bishopville, SC (east of Columbia, west of Florence aka in the middle of nowhere) we have found Lee State Park to be a true treasure of God’s creation. Check it out… (By the way, if you click on any of the pictures below they will blow up.  Not like explode, I mean blow up as in get bigger so you can see them better.)

Sorry no pictures with Elijah in it.  He didn’t feel well Saturday morning and I’ll spare you the gory details but by Easter morning he was hit full force with the flu.  He’s been a very sick sicko, which means unfortunately he hasn’t been able to explore this park yet…  but he will when he recovers.

I will leave you with my final fun project.  The family tree I’m working on for our hallway.  We still need a photo of Greg and I to put somewhere on it, but here’s what I have so far.

Until next time…  Happy Trails and Sunny Sails!