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Field Trip Friday to Waccatee Zoo

We have declared our Fridays to be Field Trip Friday for several years now.  We try to do some sort of field trip every Friday, or most of them anyway.  Since today is our one month full-timeiversary, we decided to celebrate by getting back into our Field Trip Friday routine.  We didn’t want to go to any of the expensive, touristy spots, like Ripley’s Aquarium (which we’ve already been to in Gatlinburg anyway) nor were we interested in any of the other tourist traps; but Elijah and I both love zoos and aquariums so we went searching to see what was around. I googled and found there was a zoo called “Waccatee Zoo” right here in Myrtle Beach.  Their website was minimal and cheesy and I couldn’t really find any reviews about them, so I called yesterday just to make sure they were actually open. Indeed they were, so we planned that as our main event for today, figuring it would be small, but okay with that.

We honestly weren’t really expecting much, and to say we were pleasantly surprised would be a major understatement.

It turns out that this zoo consists of 550 acres of land with tons of nature paths meandering through it.   The animals have huge habitats, with a few exceptions.  I didn’t like the lions habitat, nor the habitat they had for the Bengal tigers but I spoke with one of the owners about it and she said they had a larger habitat behind their “cages” that they are let out into frequently.  She said the bears were born there and are very happy.  I would have liked to see them have a more realistic habitat, but hopefully the area we saw them in was the exception rather than the rule.

After the zoo we had lunch at Chipotle and then walked the mall, wrapped up with Elijah getting a new book to read at Books-A-Million.  We had a full, fun day, yet were surprised at how happy we were to return back “home” to our Exodus.

I can’t believe it’s only been a month.  It feels like home and like it’s been home for much longer than a month!  Life is good.

Happy Trails and Sunny Sails!