Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Back in late February when we were staying in Wildwood, Florida, Elijah and I spent a day at this wonderful state park.  To say that Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park was an unexpected surprise would be a major understatement.  While there, we learned that the Florida State Park’s motto is The Real Florida and they weren’t kidding.  I grew up in South Florida and this felt like stepping back in time to even before my childhood.  Back to an era when there was more to Florida than mobs of people going to (or wanting to go to) Disney World or whatever other theme park hooked them in.  That is the only Florida that most people visit…  this is the Real Florida.  These pictures show that The Real Florida is so much wilder, richer and breathtakingly beautiful than the Florida that most people see.

After spending time in the Orlando area (no, we didn’t do any theme parks this time around.) we have come to the conclusion that we really like the central Florida area.  We were only here to see some friends and family while biding time and trying to stay warm for the last part of the winter.  Having grown up in South Florida and having lived in the state a great portion of my life, the prospect of spending time in Florida didn’t excite me at all.  Boy was I wrong.  Although I’d been to Central Florida, I had never really spent any major time here (other than theme parks) and had no idea how pretty and full of wildlife The Real Florida was!  We are already making plans to return.  We have since left Florida and have now come full circle to end up back in South Carolina for some extended visits with friends and family, (no, we aren’t settling down – we are only here for 6 weeks, then North Carolina for another 6 weeks.  Can you say “GRANDKIDDO TIME”?!?!?! (I know, I didn’t say it… I yelled it!)

Remember, not all who wander are lost.  Until next time…

Happy Trails and Sunny Sails!

6 thoughts on “Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park”

  1. These are fantastic pictures!! I love the fact that you have to take a boat ride from the entrance into the park!! So cool!! And I love the turtles!! 🐢 🐢Keep on having fun!! 💜

  2. Sorry I didn’t see these at first, but better late then never.
    Looks like it was a great nature day and you all enjoyed Central Florida. I was surprised as well when we joined you all for our get together.
    Looking forward to your next blog of the Carolinas and seeing you all in NC.

  3. Wow Sis, some really great pics here! I don’t remember seeing them prior. I learned some things about FL too! I visited a very cool very natural area on the outskirts sof Jacksonville that really surprised me. I will have to let you know the name of that place for next time around. Love these pics! I feel almost like I was there with you & Elijah. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you soon. Until then hope you enjoy where you are on the SC Coast, such a beautiful area there too. Continuing prayers… Love you all!

    1. Thanks! You haven’t seen them because I haven’t posted these pictures anywhere yet. I so enjoyed this day that I’ve been saving them and waiting to do a blog post. Only those who actually read my blog will have the benefit of seeing these beauties! 😂 Thanks for always keeping up with me. You rock! 😘

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